Starting My Business

Looking at the pile of wholesale clothes I had bought for my clothing business Dress Olive. It was a failed dream that I had lost passion for. I got a few orders here and there. Most were family and friends. I wasted so much money. I still have a box that dusty box of clothes sitting in the storage room with nowhere to go or anybody to wear them. Shopify deducted their fees every month even if I was not selling anything. This was before I knew you could pause the plan they provided. Accounts with FashionGo & OrangeShine haven't been logged into for over a year. I even tried the dropshipping thing with Oberlo. After awhile I just gave up. I gave more clothes away than I sold just to get content, likes and follows. Dress Olive had come to a pause... until May 18th 2020.

The Birth of Dress Olive Beauty

“Are you afraid to start that business because you think you will fail again?”

I had always liked to watch entrepreneurs on YouTube. I watched them pack orders, make products and be able to live the life they want without having to wake up and work for someone else. I wanted that. I craved that. I STILL crave that, but we will save that for another blog post. I started watching lipgloss filling videos and how to make lipgloss. then, one day I was talking with my twin brother on the phone. we were talking about business ideas and then he mentioned his girlfriend getting into selling lipgloss. I knew at that moment that was a sign. i just needed to initiate things. I did tons of research and watched so many Youtube videos. I used money from my Systems Engineering job to pay for supplies and ingredients. I began testing out products that I would make. There were a lot of failed attempts, but then I got it. After that, it was only up. I added the word "Beauty" to my name, making it Dress Olive Beauty, created my simple logo and chose my custom hex color code and took off.

Building My Instagram Account

If you Google or YouTube "How to Get 10k followers On Instagram?", you would probably see my YouTube video there along with others who were successful at this, but it's not as easy as people make it look. It takes one common word anyone who gives advice on social media growth..CONSISTENCE!. You have to constantly post. This is vital to make sure your audience stays interested in your page. Creating quality content is a key factor as well. One advice some people don't mention when talking about growing on social media is how your audience can benefit from following you.

Free Promo

"We All Must Win. See you At The Top.”

Once I hit the halfway mark to 10k I started doing FREE story promo. All i asked in return was that they follow me. This works for accounts who have less followers than you and those who want to get their business in front of another group of individuals. Free promo helped so much with my social media growth alongside my immaculate content. We just hit 22k and it feels surreal. Seeing other brands grow and have a floor full of orders was inspirational. I wanted to have what they had.

Get Inspired

I started out selling lipgloss and other beauty products, then really took off with wholesale. Wholesale beauty products was the main source of income with Dress Olive Beauty. After a period of time I became bored with wholesale. It's stressful when it's only you filling tubes for 7 hours in a day. In June 2021, I was getting ready for my next move. I knew fall was around the corner and needed to act fast. I thought about something I used on a daily bases that would also benefits others. Once again I did tons of research and watched so many videos. I'm slipping into the skincare industry with body butters, soaps and scrubs. I absolutely love it. it gives me a chance to get Dress Olive Beauty out there as my own brand instead of pushing other brands. There's nothing wrong with pushing other brands or aiding other brands, but I wanted people to notice my name on products. I want to be as big. real big

In the End

In the end, you must keep going and push on even when you don't feel like it or feel like giving up. some days I become unmotivated to do things. Sometimes I need a break. Sometimes I feel like I'm too lazy, but I keep going because in the end I will be a millionaire. I will have passive income. I'm speaking it into existence.


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